My Story

In the heart of Oak Bay, nestled in the quaint Estevan Village surrounded by boutiques and trendy cafes, stands Twice As Nice—a high quality clothing consignment store with a touch of elegance. At its core is Amy, a spirited young woman with an eye for fashion, beauty, and wellness.

From a young age, Amy has been fascinated by the transformative power of clothes. She saw fashion not just as a means of self-expression, but as a way to empower individuals and boost their confidence. Her passion for beauty and wellness further fuelled her desire to create a space where people could discover their unique style, while feeling their best inside and out.

After years of dreaming, the opportunity finally presented itself. Amy was able to reconnect with Deborah Walters, the former owner of Twice As Nice and make plans for the vision of owning her own boutique come to life! The store has been a haven for fashion enthusiasts seeking one-of-a-kind treasures and a welcoming atmosphere for over twenty years. Amy was lucky to have the mentorship and support from Emeleine and Deborah, the previous owners and is determined to carry on its legacy. Amy is driven to focus on community spirit in the Oak Bay area and Estevan Village with a drive for sustainable shopping and lifestyle. She hosts regular ladies night events, private boutique shopping and community based events in Estevan Village.

We look forward to seeing you visit the beautiful boutique, where you can smell the ocean breeze as it blows up the avenue from Willows Beach. Stop by and visit Twice As Nice, where every experience is double the delight!

With love,


Twice as Nice's History

When Emeline bought Twice As Nice in 2001 it was a discount secondhand clothing store. Emeline’s vision was to transform this little store into a high-quality consignment clothing boutique for ladies.

Curiosity grew on Estevan Avenue as Emeline redesigned the interior of the store behind paper covered windows. Her natural talent for window displays and tasteful presentation of the unique and quality clothing soon attracted many loyal customers to the store. It was an immediate success and has become a consignment store icon for more than 20 years.

A Message From Twice's Previous Owner

"My adventure with Twice As Nice began in Oct 2016. My interest in fashion, interior design and meeting new people was the driving force behind my purchase of Twice As Nice. Over five years with Twice as Nice all my expectations and more where met with great success. I had set myself a five year timeline with the hope I could pass the business onto someone who would take the reins and create a vision of their own. Amy and Roby have done just THAT!

Amy and Roby may your adventures at Twice As Nice continue to be as fulfilling and wonderful as it was for me."

Best, Deborah

Products We Carry

To complement our consignment goods we also carry a variety of local proucts - Jewelry, candles body scrubs, ceramics, etc. These make for great gifts for someone you love, or a little treat for yourself! Come visit us to see what's in-stock!